Thursday, June 5, 2008

Australia - Fix Transport

Political action group Getup - Action for Australia starts campaign for public transport... ( - are you listening?)
Fix Transport
Our leaders need to tackle climate change with real transport solutions. Instead they are arguing about rising petrol prices without addressing rising greenhouse pollution.
We're sick of waiting for the bus, train, tram or ferry while our politicians fail to solve these problems. It's time to inject some sanity into the debate.
  • We’re really worried that the debate on petrol prices is ignoring climate change and the need to transition Australia away from oil
  • It is time to take national action to fix Australia’s transport system for the long term
  • The federal government needs to start funding public transport, since it is now a national priority: it must invest ¼ of the Building Australia Fund – $5 billion – in public transport, followed by at least 1% of GDP every year from now on
[letters to MP's:]
.... We need to see climate change and transport as related challenges, not as two separate issues for two separate ministers. We can’t afford to throw money at unsustainable solutions like petrol subsidies, we need serious investment in public transport infrastructure if we’re to keep our cities and nation moving in an age of expensive fuel... Letter from Sam Clifford - elicited by Getup campaign

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