Wednesday, June 4, 2008

U.S. carbon-auto industry cornered and vicious

In the U.S. the carbon auto industry has USD trillions in fixed capital. Tankers, refineries, pipelines, gas stations, roads and highways. They have the mind-share upper hand and control and frame the "debate" over the transportation of people.

But three major things are not going their way.
  • their crude oil sources are shrinking
  • the U.S. treasury can no longer maintain their subsidies
  • people are using public transportation more
This is where we come in. Public transportation is our greatest hope in improving our quality of life, stopping the waste of energy, and preserving the biosphere. Public transportation is also the greatest threat to the carbon-auto industry. Here are some ways they will fight us.
  • promoting agrofuels
  • cutting transit projects
  • raising transit fares
  • creating "green" autos
  • trashing pro-transit political candidates
  • mismanaging transit authorities
It is up to us to fight back by support pro-transit projects and candidates. Only a mass grass-roots movement will do it. Join your local bus/transit/advocacy group.