Sunday, July 19, 2009

Carfree Town to be built in Kentucky

I will build a carfreetown in the golden triangle of Kentucky.

The town will have 3 major tenets.

  • It will be car free. People who cannot drive will be first class citizens.
  • It will be affordable. It won't be cost prohibitive for people who could benefit the most from a carfreetown.
  • Law & order will rule the day. People with special needs and the elderly are vulnerable populations. Crime will not be an issue in Carfreetown. Carfreetown will enable both of these groups to fully unleash their contributions to society.

The town will resemble European towns with commercial enterprises on the lower floors and residences on the upper floors. Public transportation routes will be incorporated into the town's design. While commercial (services, banking), retail and restaurant enterprises will be major components of the town, an important feature will be the manufacturing plants that will be on the outskirts of town. Also, agriculture and agricultural tourism will be important to many residents of the town and will be strongly supported.

The town will offer a high quality of life for ALL its residents.

Chris Noll, Founder, Carfreetown