Friday, July 17, 2009

Chicago - ease traffic - make CTA fare-free

We have been reminded by "Are you paying too much on the CTA? Fare changes muddy an already complex menu of options for area commuters" (Page 1, July 6) of how complicated and otherwise troublesome the Chicago Transit Authority fare structure is. We can be encouraged by this article to wonder what would happen if CTA service should be made available to everyone without charge. More of us would be encouraged to use public transportation, thus easing both automobile traffic and urban pollution. Some of the expenses of routine operation of the system would be reduced if fares did not have to be dealt with. How the community would finance such a civilized and civilizing public service, like the sidewalks, public schools and streetlights, that it routinely provides could be worked out properly by sensible citizens. Chicago, by such an innovation, could become celebrated worldwide for promoting thereby a lively sense of community among its inhabitants. - letters
-- George Anastaplo, professor of law, Loyola
University of Chicago