Friday, August 28, 2009

Fares hurt our investment in transit

Austin Buses : Fare Hike Means More Traffic, Pollution

The average Austin household contributes $450 per year to Capital Metro. Most people don't ride the bus. So what is it that non-riders are paying for? The few altruistic Socialists believe that low income residents deserve mobility, but the rest of us are paying for two things: less traffic congestion and the cleaner air that should result from less cars on the road. A great value in an ideal situation. Unfortunately, our transit authority fails to deliver. When they raised fares at the beginning of 2009, it resulted in over 1,000,000 fewer trips in the first six months... RagBlog

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Viviane Moreno said...

Hi ..

The problem of transit has affected the great metropolis ... here in my city this building the first underground (live in the state of Bahia in Brazil). I hope that was soon ready! The city does not tolerate both car and every day the congestion is very stressful. This increases the pollution and consequently the increase of global warming and the world suffers from it.
Ideally, the government had measures more effective and less harmful to the environment ...
Well, I mean that your blog is very interesting! Now I'll be here more often.
I do not write English well, I hope you can understand.