Monday, August 17, 2009

"Nothing is free" - not true

Carbon dumping has been free for years. But no one seems to know it.

Discourse on economic issues in the U.S. has been deliberately reduced to selfish myopia. How so? Think about it. If you are say, the fossil-fuel industry, and you have not one economic benefit to offer, how will you keep your government subsidies from being cut by an aware and awakened public? You have to cobble together a coalition of the willing, a collection of selfish interests and try to drown the debate in confusion and doubt.

We often hear the phrase "nothing is free". This is a red-flag warning us of a possible fossil-fuel troll. Because for their industry, dumping carbon into the atmosphere has been free for years, but they think you are not smart enough to see that and you will reduce your thinking to small, narrow, economics.

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