Friday, February 26, 2010

Investment guru Jim Rogers advocates Free Public Transit

Jim Rogers, well-known investment advisor, has moved to Singapore. In this article he advises the Singapore government to adopt fare-free public transportation. This link is a Google Translate link to the Chinese language Singapore newspaper
◆ Rogers proposed Singapore-wide free public transport

In order to effectively reduce carbon emissions, reducing air pollution, reducing the number of traffic accident injuries died to save open land, and so the benefits of the Government of Singapore can be considered to provide people with free public transport services.

Been an advocate of "anti-minority opposite direction," Rogers, to a reporter's question in this innovative proposal.

Rogers lived in the local two and a half, right here, many of the strict legal rules and regulations are agreed on the highway electronic toll gate system (ERP), also considered to be very intelligent traffic control measures.

He said: "ERP can be effective in reducing the road cars. To road users to pay more money, but also reasonable. This regard, the Government of Singapore can also be a higher level, to consider the use of any public transport to provide free services, This will further benefit the people. "

Singapore, although the area is small, but very high per capita carbon emissions, with some comparable European countries. According to the 2007/08 report, Singapore's carbon dioxide emissions account for 0.2% of the world, per capita annual emissions are 12.2 tonnes, is one of the highest emissions. The same reports that the United States, per capita carbon emissions are 20.6 tonnes, China 3.8 tonnes, 1.7 tonnes in Indonesia.

Rogers said: "If Singapore's bus, subway, light rail can free ride, it must attract a lot of the original drive their private cars out of people, abandoned the vehicle and switch to public transport. Road vehicles reduce carbon emissions immediately to solve the problem, also provide fresh air, to save and build roads, making highway land, the person died car accident injuries will be reduced, the many benefits is worthy of consideration by the Government.