Monday, March 1, 2010

Durham, NC leaders show real courage on free transit

DURHAM -- The idea of making rides on the Durham Area Transit Authority free appears to be picking up more City Council support, although it's not clear whether there's a sufficient number of votes to implement it in the coming fiscal year.

Administrators say the change would cost the city about $2.8 million in the first year, and figure it would boost ridership by about 25 percent. HeraldSun
We can expect a vicious attack on these brave council members. The oil and auto industry will fight to maintain their gravy train of public subsidy. As long as the auto-system has critical mass, there will be an unlimited supply of dupes who will insist on free roads, cheap parking, tax breaks for sprawl developers, bailouts for car-accessible-only homes, and other subsidy for the auto and oil companies. Politicians should not fear them. They do not represent the people. Go ahead and make it fare-free. It works. It is proven. It is not an experiment.