Friday, March 5, 2010

Public transit most bang for the buck against climate change

After one year of study, the Barr foundation decides that the most effective use of their money to fight climate change is building insulation and public transit. Actually, investments reducing private-auto use and installing insulation actually save more money than they cost.
“It’s a global problem of catastrophic proportions, but we have the ability in Metro Boston to make reductions,’’ said foundation executive director Pat Brandes. “We’re making a $50 million bet that we can.’’

To help shape the campaign, the staff at Barr spent nearly a year consulting with community groups, environmentalists, and government agencies, including the White House. The question, Brandes said, was: “How can our level of resources have the largest impact on climate change?’’

The foundation decided to fund groups that promote energy-efficiency in buildings, or that are involved in public transportation efforts.

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