Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am paid $26/hr to take the bus | Hithatsmybike's Blog

I am paid $26/hr to take the bus | Hithatsmybike's Blog: "This isn’t a joke, I make roughly $26/hr taking public transit. I’m not paid by the city or ETS or any green organization — I’m paid by myself, with the money I’m not spending on a car.

I take the bus and/or the train every single day. Assuming a 20 minute commute, there & back, that’s about 40 minutes, 7 days per week. This works out to roughly 20 hours per month.

Now, to do this calculation we have to consider the alternative: car ownership. Very, very, very few people recognize how abhorrently expensive owning a vehicle actually is. They will purposely deceive themselves, make wild justifications, omit essential calculations, all in the name of keeping their car. Oh I know, it’s so convenient and you need it because you live out of town or whatever, but some vehicle owners are just kidding themselves."


Anonymous said...

Sightseeing in major cities is a lot cheaper too using public transport compared to using a car. For New York City, check this out:

Robert Wagner said...

Free Public Transport in Vermont. It pays big dividends, and it's on the campaign platform of The Thirty, the Independent challenge to retake the Vermont Senate in 2012. I'm going to link to you now, please link back to me!

Thanks for the excellent work that you do.