Thursday, November 4, 2010

No more free subsidy -- everyone should contribute to the economy

No one wants to work hard and pay taxes while someone else gets a free ride. People are acutely aware of unfairness when this situation pertains. So, if you are the one getting the free ride, it behooves you not to try to oppose this natural feeling. The fossil-fuel industry and those who profit from autosprawl have hired the best lobbyists and propagandists to convince people to misdirect the public debate away from their subsidy gravy train.

Working urbanites are paying taxes to cover the externalities of the the car-dependent suburbs. This is autosprawl welfare. But you will not see this exposed in the mainstream media. Instead the target of budget-cutting will be some amorphous group of n'er-do-wells who are getting a "free" ride. When you actually crunch the numbers, leaving out the very wealthy, there are not really very many people getting paid to do nothing. That leaves poor people, unemployed, disabled, elderly, ill, children -- surprise -- these are the people who are going to suffer benefit cuts.

Autosprawl welfare will continue. Billions wasted sitting in traffic while grandmothers and oil-war veterans dig through trash cans looking for a bite to eat.

US - a pathetic excuse for a country. Not for the brainwashed and stupid. But because the educated, healthy, often liberal, people who still think electric cars are progress and autosprawl can still work.