Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When something is running out, use it faster?

ND Becomes Nation's Second-Leading Oil Producer - ABC News: "Hicks said. "We need to get domestic production up so we can wean ourselves from foreign oil.""
Please take a minute and think about that. If it makes sense to you, you need to do some reading.

New technology and high prices are fueling an oil boom in North Dakota. The increased supply will ease price pressure and reduce the urgency to conserve. The additional oil will quickly go up in smoke in traffic jams. This is literally throwing gasoline on a fire.

Drilling more domestic oil to reduce imports is like pretending to be rich by spending all your savings.

Instead we should have gasoline taxes should reflect the actual costs of the auto. We should take that money and make public transit fare-free. Use the remaining oil to get off oil.