Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bob Simpson: Why do we even have #transit fares?

Photo Credit: CTA

Big Banks Slam the Brakes on Public Transit - Bob Simpson - Open Salon: " Why do we even have transit fares at all?

The interest rate swap scam is a small drop in a large bucket.  If we really want people to use transit rather than cars, we need to make transit a genuine public service and eliminate all fares. And yes, the big banks and corporations are going to have to pony up more cash to cover costs. They benefit hugely from public transit.

Fares are annoying. They require expensive fare boxes and turnstiles. They demand complex systems to account for the money and distribute transit cards and electronic card readers. They slow down buses on crowded streets as people line up while fumbling for their money or their transit cards. Fares mean people can’t board through both doors of the bus.They’re an added hassle for the bus operator who has enough to do already."

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