Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Automatic Earth: The paradox of unconventional fossil fuels

Peak Oil: A Dialogue with George Monbiot | EnergyFinance can only temporarily allow people to ignore thermodynamics....
Unconventional fossil fuels are caught in a paradox - that their EROEI is too low for them to sustain a society complex enough to produce them.
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To put another way. The unconventional fossil-fuels are only affordable as long as the clean and easy oil keeps flowing. The human economy will simplify. The population will contract. How will this happen? Will we make a smooth transition? When social upheaval comes will we have a plan? Regardless, cars will go away. Why not start getting rid of them now.

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Greg Robie said...

BTW, thanks for the Tweet with this link. This, and the links I've followed from it have provided reading I see to little of.

Regarding the voluntary ridding ourselves of cars, the query, like many of mine, counter trusted moral tenants that motivated reasoning can shelter from ration inquery and voluntary change. Cheap oil and personal transport are integral to the functioning of the ponsie scheme of debt rationalizing the developed world's system of fiat currencies. The debt slavery one voluntarily enters into to live in this meme makes the car a trusted necessity and feel like a perk. Great amounts of capital have been created and indebted due to this. While peek conventional oil will reveal both this debt and the trust to have been foolish, what is trusted rarely changes voluntarily and non-violently. And such requires a sapience that greed-as-good capitalism precludes.

(Though I can see–& it took me awhile–both the creativity and logic of advocating for 'free' public transport.)