Friday, March 15, 2013

Energy Security Trust is more supply-side environmentalism. A dead end.

Focusing on new energy supplies, or cleaner energy supplies, is missing the point. We have a system that is wasting billions of dollars of energy every day -- the autosprawl system. Autos pollute at the point of production. They are wasteful consumer products no matter what they burn. Sprawl means heating and cooling millions of housing units individually and necessitating much travel between. Put the 2 billion into free transit and see what happens!
Obama’s $2 Billion Plan to Replace Fossil Fuels in Cars - "The Energy Security Trust, as he calls his proposal to shift oil and gas royalties to alternative energy research, is one of those projects.
A White House official, who discussed the president’s proposal on the condition of anonymity in advance of Friday’s speech, said that the energy trust was a central part of the administration’s economic strategy."