Tuesday, March 19, 2013

@nytimeskrugman dips his toe in the #autosprawl holocaust

Paul, we are so proud of you. Thanks for mentioning global warming and cars in the same column. Global warming alone justifies getting rid of cars. Congestion is an externality of the private auto, true. But what about oil wars, noise, collision costs, pedestrian deaths, bicycle deaths, parking costs, stress, fractured communities, traffic enforcement (like expensive speed cameras), etc. And do some systems analysis--the problem is not just the auto, but autosprawl. Autosprawl means heating and cooling homes individually and traveling long distances for school, shopping, and soccer. Autosprawl means each home has a leaf blower, snow blower, lawn mower...etc.

Congestion pricing will create bureaucracy and enforcement costs. Let's make public transit free.
Everyday Externalities - NYTimes.com: "And can I say that this is a subject that really deserves a lot more attention? Mea culpa; I haven’t written much for a while on these issues, focusing mainly on the economic crisis, which is for the moment on the front burner. But we know, as surely as we know anything in economics, that there are huge market failures here — that every time an individual chooses to drive during rush hour, he or she is imposing huge costs on other drivers, people who breathe the air, and more."