Monday, December 15, 2014

Resource Insights: The high cost of low-priced oil

Comment by North Coast : "Make use of the temporary glut and low prices to prep for much tighter oil supplies in the future, and unaffordable prices.

Now is the time to arrange your life for much lower energy consumption. That means weatherize your dwelling, or sell your place in your car-dependent town or suburb, and move somewhere where you could imagine doing without not only a car, but with half as much energy available to do absolutely everything.

This would be a good time to invest in what truly viable renewables exist, and in learning skills that will help you live with much less, and do more with what you have. It would also be a good time for our authorities to stop allocating money to energy-hog infrastructure that will be rendered obsolete by steeply reduced fossil fuel supplies in the future, such as highways and airports, and invest in rail (NOT "high speed" either), and water transportation. But I doubt they will do this. Instead, they'll double down on "investment' in systems dependent on cheap fuel."