Saturday, September 26, 2015

How corporate media spin works with #publictransit

Just a quick look at this article and the spin is obvious. The theme is: oh, if only poor people could have more buses, they could "escape poverty." As if poverty were some sort of disease that mysteriously appears from nowhere and traps people. Actually, what traps people is the subsidized autosprawl system that was forced upon them and for which they are forced to pay. The article goes on... but alas! there is no money for public transit. Meanwhile the US spends billions terrorizing people around the world to keep the oil flowing so suburbs will not become cement wastelands.

Here is a better title: People have been trapped with no buses and forced to support a wasteful autosprawl system that destroys the biosphere. Read for yourself and see the bias.
The Road out of Poverty Is Paved With Better Transportation | TakePart: "Transit access is the No. 1 factor in escaping the cycle of poverty"