Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Public Transportation saves you money, #freetransit saves your whole town money

APTA studies show that your household can save up to $13,000 a year by using public transit, much more if you can reduce the number of cars you own. But there are even bigger savings to be had. If your town makes buses and trams fare-free, there are many hidden savings in municipal budget and savings in health costs, that will more than cover the lost revenue. See our page Free is Cheaper.

Public Transportation Saves Up To $16,000 Per Year - Gas 2: "We are all aware of the financial argument for using public transportation — it is way, way cheaper. Weighing out the costs and benefits is tricky, but the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) monthly Transit Savings Reports have made it beautifully clear. Ranking the savings for the 20 cities with the highest rates of public transportation use, the latest report finds that they span from $1,343 per month (New York, #1), to $877 per month (Dallas, #20). These figures are calculated by comparing the cost of a monthly transit pass to the cost of gas, parking, and other variables such as insurance, tires, and maintenance. Parking costs alone average almost $2,000 annually, according to APTA."