Thursday, June 23, 2016

Half the oil is gone, and we'll be using a lot of it for air conditioning

Stop and think what it means to use fossil-fuel for air-conditioning. Think of all the cars, homes, and offices using energy to move hot air from inside to outside. Is there a net benefit to doing this? No, it simply postpones what we should be doing. Rapid degrowth.

We could have had a garden of eden on earth. But after slaughtering millions in to "save them from communism," capitalism proceeded to use up precious resources as fast as possible, wasting and polluting like crazy.

Now we are in a situation where every joule of oil costs more joules to "produce" every day.

No one is doing anything significant to slow down. The only thing slowing us down is the falling profits and heavy debt.

There is another way. Join your local public transit advocates, and let's at least stop expanding autosprawl.