Sunday, January 1, 2017

CO2 Emissions Flat? - Reality Check

CO2 Emissions Flat for 3 years. What does that mean?
  • study is about CO2 only, does not include methane, other ghg's
  • flat does not mean zero emissions, CO2 still pumping into the air 63% faster than in 1990
  • amount of CO2 in atmosphere is still growing
  • study does not include emissions from deforestation
greencarreports : "The study focuses solely on CO2 emissions, and does not include emissions of other greenhouse gases, including methane.
It also does not include releases of CO2 from nonindustrial sources like deforestation.
Nonetheless, the study hints at the possibility that global CO2 emissions are plateauing.
The next step, then, would be working to ensure that they start to decline significantly."

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