Monday, January 30, 2017

Which infrastructure?

Will there be a real national debate in the US? Judging by recent events. Not likely.

The chattering class is caught up with the loss of rights that workers never had. Meanwhile autosprawl meltdown is hitting cities and towns. The costs of subsidizing cars and sprawl are now due and unpayable.

So what will happen? The US federal government will invest more printed money in bridges, roads, and other needs of the car.


Because public transit leads to nicer cities, and people will like them better than sprawl suburbs. When people urbanize birth rates fall. When birth rates fall, growth falls, profits fall.

We can fight back. Don't be distracted by antics at the national level. Join your local public transit advocates who are doing the hard work of getting more buses. Or better, become an advocate of fare-free transit and make more political space for them to operate.