Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Fare-free public transit is good. It's intuitively obvious, and studies back it up.

Just stand by a busy highway and watch the traffic. Unless you have been brainwashed it should be obvious that something is wrong.

Recently some major cities have turned to fare-free public transit to reduce pollution. There are many other benefits as well, and mayors are wondering why they can't have them.

But those who profit from the auto system are many and powerful. Sprawled out homes need many more energy-wasting consumer products.

They have launched attacks in the corporate media against fare-free public transit. What is their best argument? They say it doesn't work, that it attracts people who would have walked.

We have a whole library of links that show the many benefits of public transit. There is plenty of evidence that it generates more physical activity. Over 90 percent of bus riders walk to the bus stop.

The anti-transit forces have no legitimate arguments. We even can show that your city will save more money with fare-free public transit than the "lost" revenue.