Wednesday, August 22, 2018

artificial intelligence meets thermodynamics

Imagine a young man sitting at his computer terminal writing fake news or creating fake audios. All of a sudden, the lights flicker and the power goes down intermittently. Why? No one seems to know, but he hears rumors that there are chronic fuel shortages at the power plants. He hears other rumors that the power plants are having trouble getting spare parts. 
Then he decides to buy a new and fancier computer screen. But there are none in the stores. Why? Well, no one seems to know — but there are rumors that the supply chains to Asia are starting to fail. 
He then calls the company that provides support for his AI software. There is no reply — they seem to have gone out of business. Why? No one seems to know. 
He now realizes that he and his family don’t have enough food to eat and the grocery store shelves are bare. 
At this point the news is far from fake. The harsh truth is that he is hungry, frightened and totally unemployable.
ChemEng  on Resource Insights