Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Elites sow division as their ship approaches next iceberg

The US elites divide people
  • racism - police murders and racist marches
  • gender - (incel meme, me-too 'backlash')
  • generation - x vs y vs boomer
  • gun 'debate' - the real gun question is how to define 'responsible' gun owner
Fake school shootings are created from security drills and used to test the ability of the corporate media to overcome social media and control what people believe. They want people begging for harsher government.

The elites know that the next bubble burst will bring unemployment to 30%. There is just no future in a system where half the office workers are keeping track of debt.The US system is based on $trillions in liquid-fuel infrastructure.
  • pipelines
  • tankers, road, rail, water
  • refineries
  • roads, highways
  • suburbs
  • military
  • fracking and drilling rigs
  • health costs of cars, collision, pollution
There is too much deferred maintenance and debt, and too little cash flow.When public services start falling apart, people will start fighting back. They want them divided as much as possible.