Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Corporate media desperately attacking as idea of #freetransit spreads.

Making urban buses and trams fare-free has been called "obvious" by NYC Mayor Bloomberg, and "a no-brainer" by major pundits. It's intuitive.

Who is against it?

Surprise: the oil, auto, and sprawl profiteers.

Below is a link to a desperate attack on free transit. In response, we offer a network of over 30 blogs with statistics and direct evidence that cars and sprawl are heavily subsidized. These subsidies are supported because since there are no alternatives to cars, they are seen as necessary expenses.

When enough towns have fare-free buses and trams, the car subsidy will be seen for what it is: government money going to support for-profit, car, sprawl, and oil businesses. Stop and think, how much money does your town export every day for petrol?

Of course the biggest victim of cars, oil, and sprawl is the biosphere. To support this car system we are fouling our own nest.

Fare-free buses are the way to break the monopoly of cars and expose the subsidies.