Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Reasons given against fare-free #publictransit

1. Too Expensive
We can show how removing fares reduces car costs, so it actually saves money.

2. "Undesirables" will be more mobile.
Yes, racism is one of the biggest reasons for opposing. Freetransit fights racism.

3. People who usually walk or cycle will take bus instead.
There is plenty of evidence that places with more public transit have more walking.

4. Public transit should win riders through better service, or service should be improved first.
Polls show people want buses (even Trump voters 60%) but we still don't have them. Stronger measures are called for. When buses are free the political support for better service will be stronger.

5. Homeless will ride.
So, the solution to homelessness is user fees, then. OK put user fees everywhere and problem solved.

6. Buses will be too crowded.
Oh dear! Crowded with what? With people who want public transit! So get more buses. 


Find more info here and with links to documentation.