Saturday, December 14, 2019

Fix it first, or rather, go back to begging for a fix -- latest oil-troll gambit

"If transit is free, but it doesn't take you where you need to go (or on time), it isn't an alternative to driving. We must expand + complete our transit network, and we need higher frequencies and much higher reliability (esp. on bus routes) to make it an option for more people." -- Jennifer Keesmaat on Twitter

This is the latest and greatest from oil-auto-sprawl trolls. They want us to forget history. History shows that in spite of 100 years of fighting for better public transit it has only gotten worse compared to the growth of cars and sprawl. And how could it do otherwise, given the billions in subsidy to sprawl.
These trolls hope we will go back to spending 20 years fighting to stop a parking lot and put in bus shelters. 

We will not go back to begging. Free transit is coming and the idea is spreading and will continue.