Thursday, March 12, 2020

Helicopter money will stimulate all the wrong things

To re-stimulate the economy from the effects of the corona virus, governments and central banks will shower people with helicopter money, so named because it is like dropping cash on the population from helicopters.

This is the height of stupidity. We have the corona virus because of rampant growth. China grew so fast that natural systems were stressed to the limit.

Now, in the name of preserving a failed system and a few billionaires, money will be pushed to the bottom and create a little flurry of activity as it rushes back to the top.

It's time to recognize that growth should not be the goal. We should take advantage of the lesson nature is teaching us with the virus, and seek out gentle degrowth.

To help victims of economic shock. Make public transit, healthcare, and education free. Reform housing laws and end homelessness.