Saturday, June 6, 2020

Don't be naive about provocateurs

The purpose of provocateurs is to turn protest into riot. Then the corporate media can frighten people from joining the protest, and government can use violence.

How to spot:
  • First, be careful, they are usually uncover police
  • Dressed in black with strong boots, and good face covering
  • Taunting police from the front, throwing things from the back
  • No one seems to know who they are and they don't socialize
  • When in isolated area, they commit vandalism/graffiti
  • They are the ones to break the window and start looting, then leave quickly
If you can gather some people and catch one. Pull off their mask and take photos.

The narrative of the media and right-wing is that these provocateurs are just out-of-control left. Don't assume that to be true! Watch their behavior. Catch them.