Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Trump represents the actual ruling class

Trump is not an anomaly. The US rulers are out of options. Except for military, they have no more ways to rule.

They have:
  • created trillions of dollars out of nothing -- made the problem worse
  • trotted out liberals like Biden -- further enraging people
  • tried undercover provocateur attacks to scare people -- exposed on social media
  • brought military force against peaceful protest -- exposing their "democratic" facade
  • tried to squeeze more money and power out of their control of SWIFT and CHIPS money transfer
  • started trade wars to squeeze allies and rivals
The US sprawl system is decaying. Many trillions of dollars are needed just to keep it running. There is no money to fix it. The only course is to abolish consumer-product based economy (especially cars) and focus on basics.