Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Carbon capture a scam

Greenpeace Report:

...The report exposes CCS technology’s woeful inadequacy on numerous points. CCS wastes energy, for one thing, as it uses between 10 and 40% of the plant’s power output just to function. It is also expensive, and could possibly double the cost of constructing a coal-fired power plant, which in turn could lead to the raising of electricity costs for consumers. And despite its exorbitant cost, there is actually no guarantee that storing carbon underground is totally safe or effective – even a very low leakage rate could completely undermine the benefits of CCS. But most importantly, CCS simply can’t deliver on a large scale until 2030, ....

Unfortunately, Greenpeace, bold and brave as can be, is forced to observe the blackout on serious discussion of public transporation as a solution to energy/climate problems. No large organization or high-profile individual will be able to take on the carbon-auto lobby. The lobby is too strong and can be opposed effectively only by a mass movement of millions of people.