Saturday, May 3, 2008

San Francisco - What happened to free Muni idea?

The consultants estimate that free Muni would increase ridership by 35-40%. With around 700,000 boardings in an average day, that would mean something like 250,000 more trips. Think about that. Thousands and thousands of people getting out of their cars. Thousands and thousands more people going places in the City they couldn't afford to get to before. Less traffic congestion, less pollution, more people out and about enjoying themselves and probably spending money in SF businesses. How horrible! - from Marc Norton Online

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Anonymous said...

well, isn't MUNI already at the breaking point? If many more people came into the system every day, it would just be too crowded for safety. I suppose off-peak service could be free, but not peak- at $4.50, the trains that come in 2-minuite intervals are still jammed!