Monday, May 19, 2008

Gasoline still cheap in U.S.

Recent rises in the price of gasoline and diesel fuel are exposing the unsustainable transport system in the United States.

The carbon-auto industry will scream for more subsidy:
  • more war for control of crude oil sources
  • more tariffs [fares] to restrict public transit use
  • more direct subsidies to keep prices down
  • more tax money for system repairs
They face an uphill fight:
  • international competition for crude is getting stronger
  • commuters are turning to public transit
  • voters are not falling for direct subsidy gimmicks
  • taxpayers cannot afford to repair the roads and bridges

If they can't win oil on the battlefield, or steal subsidy from the treasury, they will have to raise prices. They are locked into their fixed capital investments in refining, tankers, and pipelines.

They do not have a choice, we do: Free public transit.