Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alberta - Public transit is a GHG fix

In the U.S. there is a embargo on serious discussion of public transit as a solution for global climate disruption. Transit advocates occasionally mention it, but "environmentalists" and politicians fear the wrath of the carbon-auto lobby and are observing a blackout on serious discussion of mass transit as a way of reducing green house gas emissions. Apparently, in Alberta, Canada there is a modicum of free speech on the subject. The province of Alberta is planning to spend an additional $2B on public transit explicity as an emission reduction plan. Read more ...

The Alberta government is surging ahead on itsclimate change action plan ... to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions equal to taking more than a million cars off the road each year... a second $2-billion fund will propel energy-saving public transit in Alberta.

....What types of projects would qualify for funding? The program will focus on initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions and the number of vehicles on Alberta roads. Some examples of eligible projects include:

  • purchase of transit vehicles (hybrids, diesel, natural gas, fuel cells, etc.);
  • transit systems that provide service to regional communities and reduce commuter traffic;
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT) and inter-city commuter rail systems;
  • new public transit projects such as LRT extensions;
  • planning for and acquisition of transit or commuter rail corridors;
  • park and ride facilities to enhance public transit;
  • planning and design of transit-oriented developments in new residential areas;
  • construction of regional transit terminals and facilities.

Is this funding a part of the federal Public Transit Trust Fund? This new funding is separate and in addition to the Public Transit Trust Fund established earlier this year by the federal government....