Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Environmental group violates the gag order!

Things are happening too fast for the U.S. carbon-auto industry. They have lost control of global crude oil prices. They can't keep gasoline prices down and people are turning to public transportation. They have loosed their dogs of disinformation, saying that high fuel prices means that public transit must cut service and raise fares. At the same time their friends in the "environmentalist" movement are pushing for "better" cars and unplugging the waffle iron!

But now they are in danger of losing the environmentalists. Bill McKibben came out in favor of free transit and the Kheel plan. The PIRG's started pushing transit. Now, the New England Conservation Law Foundation is putting public transportation at the top of their solutions list!

  • End the era of highway expansion and shift to a new paradigm in which the region invests at least 75 percent of transportation funds on public transportation and compact, transit-oriented development.
  • Invest $1 billion in new energy efficiency resources, drawing on multiple sources of revenue, including emerging carbon auctions and new markets and incentives for energy efficiency.
  • Build 2,000 megawatts of new wind power, including at least two major offshore wind projects and multiple inland wind farms in New England.
  • Shut down at least two regional coal-fired power plants or convert them to cleaner fuels.
  • Pass legislation in every New England state to mandate meaningful emissions reductions and require consideration of climate impacts in all state permitting and infrastructure decisions.
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