Monday, August 18, 2008

Hawaii - Support rail transit

  • In Honolulu, we’re lucky to live in a place with one of the cleanest environments of any major American city. A modern rail transit system, like the one proposed for O‘ahu, will help keep it that way.
  • O‘ahu’s rail transit system will run on electricity, and won’t pollute the air with carbon emissions the way cars and buses do.
  • In 15 years, there will be 150,000 more cars on O‘ahu. And who knows how much gas will cost by then? A rail transit system will take thousands of cars off the road and provide commuters with an alternative to high gas prices.
  • Because it will take thousands of cars off the road, rail transit will help to reduce the city’s carbon footprint, which is a good thing in the effort against global warming.
  • It will help reduce Hawaii’s dependence on imported foreign oil. Electricity to run the transit system can instead be generated by a host of renewable energy sources, including wind, solar or biofuels.