Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oil industry fears the public-#transit tipping point

Why is the oil industry so desperate to stop the growth of public transit? Because as more people ride buses and rail, the critical mass of the auto-system becomes precarious. Once a tipping point is reached, people will see the massive subsidies that prop up the auto-system as a burden instead of a necessity. So the oil industry is directing its trolls to attack public transit. But we love transit, and we are fighting back. This article is one example:
More Tea (Party) « MARTA Rocks!: "Why else would they lead off with how they are against it because it is a tax, but use every inch of supporting argument as anti transit? If they were really trying to make a case and a fiscally responsible, anti-tax awakening to the region they would protest the excessive tax money used to support roads and airports. "