Sunday, September 25, 2011

Plenty of money for #transit, do not accept the lies to the contrary

If you read articles about public transit, you will see the terms "cash-strapped," "funding-difficulties," and "shortfall." Don't believe the hyperbole. There is a boatload of cash floating around. Why none available for transit?

The super-wealthy are caught in a squeeze. With no demand for goods, their individual interests are to stay in cash and oppose taxes for themselves. As a group, their interest is to keep the system alive by investing in public infrastructure.

Those wanting to invest in infrastructure are split between saving the auto-system of transport, or giving up on it. Problem is, giving up on the auto-system means throwing the oil-auto-and-sprawl industries under the bus. These industries are too powerful. Hence, no action from them.

Not only is there no action, the corporate media is toeing the line maintaining a news blackout on grassroots protest. To get around that blackout, go to and type in #occupywallstreet in the search.