Thursday, February 23, 2012

A clear presentation of the end of fossil-fuel

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J.H. Crawford said...

The facts as presented in this excellent film are, as far as I know, pretty much correct. (You can fuss about the exact numbers, but they don't really matter.)

My problem is the conclusion of the film, which holds out almost no hope for the continuance of an advanced civilization. Now, maybe life as we know it is about to end, but I think we still have some fight left in us.

If we set about a massive program to dematerialize the economy, stop population growth, and limit the production of tangible goods, we could at the very least buy quite a lot of time. That time might help us to find ways to keep the lights on (even if they're dim).

The simplest step is to commence a carbon tax that escalates very quickly to high levels. That will rapidly force major reductions in the consumption of fossil fuels. If it's coupled with corresponding reductions in income tax, it might be politically acceptable.

However, we do need to act, and soon. I believe that carfree cities, as proposed at, are an essential ingredient in the maintenance of some kind of civilization into the future.