Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tired of hearing about #peakoil? Get over it, it's not going away.

We will be brief:
  • Peak oil is here. It peaked in 2005 as predicted. Data manipulated since then.
  • Peak oil hurts. People are suffering right now. Corporate media doesn't connect the dots.
  • Peak oil pain now and future will not be fair. Those with no voice suffer most.
  • Peak oil is about supply. The idea of peak demand is a hoax.
What to do:
  • Stop wasting oil on cars.
  • Stop wasting coal on sprawl.
  • Stop subsidizing waste.


PracTac4U said...

I like this. I get the feeling the author feels as frustrated as we do from time to time about the propaganda that is passed as fact around the subject of ppeak oil. Well played.

PracTac4U said...

Simple and tothe point. Well played.