Sunday, October 27, 2013

911, false flags, disinformation, provocateurs, and the general public

Do you know what was the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident? It was the supposed attack on a U.S. vessel in 1964 by North Vietnam. It was used to justify the wholesale massacre and poisoning of millions of innocent people. It was later admitted by the U.S. secretary of defense to be a faked incident.

False flags, staged incidents, provocateurs, and the like have been used throughout history to justify violence against innocent people.

The 911 "terror" attacks were clearly not carried out according to the official tale. A simple application of physics proves that a building cannot fall straight down at free-fall speeds unless the bottom floors are removed by controlled demolition.

It is irresponsible to keep silent if you see this truth which is out in plain sight for all to see. Many people have suffered and many more will suffer because of this deceit. If you are reading this, you are in a small minority of people who not only are interested in world affairs, but also seek out alternatives to corporate media. The vast majority of people are "low-information" thinkers. Tricks like agents-provocateur, (e.g., disguised police throwing rocks at police) make the general public disinclined to get involved in political activity. The use of these tricks will continue, and exposing them is just as important as promoting your policy aims.

If you disagree, and want to campaign for free transit, you are welcome to publish your opinion here. You may say "I believe the official story on 911, but I think we should implement free transit."