Friday, October 18, 2013

Canada's War with the Mi’kmaw Nation at Elsipogtog

Feathers verus Guns : "The Mi’kmaw have spoken out against hydro-fracking on their territory for many months now. They have tried to get the attention of governments to no avail. Now the Mi'kmaw are in a battle of drums and feathers versus tanks and assault rifles - not the rosy picture painted by Canada to the international community."
People are fighting back against fracking and the destruction that it causes to health, land, and water. This fight must be joined with a campaign to end the subsidy of sprawl. Sprawl is an unsustainable, energy-wasting way of life. It is uneconomical, but survives because taxpayers pick up the tab. A huge demand for energy is created by this subsidy. This demand then gives power to the energy providers and provides huge profits to those who can deliver high net-energy products. This industry: coal, oil, and natural gas, then uses government power to crush people and drill and mine where they please.