Sunday, February 16, 2014

March 1st is international free public transport day

The international campaign for free public transport is calling for people around the world to celebrate the successes and commit to more efforts to establish free public transport.

Climate change, energy costs, and economic inequality are plaguing our species and our home in the biosphere. We have a solution that addresses all three of these problems. It is proven. It is available. It saves money. It makes life more pleasant.

In conjunction with this year's celebration, the international campaign has started radio broadcast via web audio. Click here to listen.

Here is what you can do. Join the celebration in your city. Resolve to discuss the issue with friends or family. Raise the idea at your local public transit riders' union or transit advocacy group, or any other political, or social, group. Educate yourself and/or others. Spread the idea through social media, put a post or comment on blogs, microblogs, or Facebook.