Friday, February 7, 2014

Troll hacks #occupy on Twitter - see #IFoundedOccupyWallSt

Person or persons under the control of the 1% have taken over an important occupy wall street Twitter account. Below are the tell-tale signs that they are out to destroy occupy wall street [#ows]. The claim of founder is to provoke the quiet leaders of #ows to react and identify themselves. Don't fall for it. The Twitter account @OccupyWallSt now:
  • uses the word riot instead of rebellion
  • calls on people to create unfocused disruption
  • claims to be a "founder" of #ows
  • conflates disruptive behavior with commitment
  • promotes all of #ows as anarchist
  • plans to "kick ruling class a**"
These phrases and characteristics are copied and pasted from police/black-bloc provocateur pages.
See our tips for identifying trolls - Recognizing Trolls