Friday, February 7, 2014 allows blame for #falseflag to fall on #publictransit protesters in Rio

The 1% has directed their police to vandalize public transit facilities in Mexico and Brazil. They have motive to do it. It discredits the fare protesters, and gives police political cover to use violence. Fare protesters have no opportunity or motive to do this. To report this vandalism as if it were part of a rebellion is irresponsible.
Rio fare protesters seize main station and let commuters travel free | World news | "After street protests, station invasions and turnstile vandalism, Rio de Janeiro’s free public transport movement finally got what it wanted for a few hours on Thursday night with a takeover of the city’s main train and bus hub.

Thousands of commuters were shepherded through demolished ticket gates at the Central do Brasil station amid a violent confrontation over proposed fare rises that resulted in fires, arrests and disruption of transport networks."