Monday, November 23, 2015

#Freetransit would literally take millions of cars off the road, but you won't hear about it at #cop21, here's why.

Oh you might hear about:
green cars
gas-powered buses
bike lanes
bike hi-ways (!)
complete streets
blah blah

But free public transport actually aims the arrow straight at the problem. Subsidized Sprawl. With sprawl, homes, schools, businesses, must be individually heated and cooled. Each home must have its own fix-up tools, snow blower, leaf blower, lawn mower, and such. Sprawl is where people go to raise kids away from city traffic, pollution, and crime. So subsidizing sprawl means subsidizing population growth.

So, to protect profits, the sacred subsidized car, whatever it burns, or however much "traffic calming" it has to put up with, will not be threatened by the profiteers who will control the outcome of COP21. 

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