Sunday, April 10, 2016

How can we stop capitalism from destroying the biosphere?

First, drop the supply-side bias. You cannot stop them by blocking their pipelines.

Address demand. How? Offer people a better way to live. And not just a few people out in the woods.
Make buses free in your locality. This is not new, many places have done it. When there are fewer cars, people will urbanize. When people move to town, they see more benefit in having fewer children as education becomes more important than having lots of farm hands.

You can do a lot right from where you are. Help us popularize the concept of free buses and trams. You can tweet articles right from our blogs. Or become a blogger for free transit. We will give you access.

Pro-growth urbanists love the idea of free public transit even though it is very much a degrowth policy. Free transit has immediate benefits for clean air, reducing traffic, and parking problems. The idea is spreading. And as long as it stays under the corporate media radar, it will continue spread. Don't look for help from the big names. Just join your local public transit advocates or help us online.