Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Parking is subsidized to create more babies. Yes, you read that right.

The Straits Times: "Two writers offer contrasting viewpoints on cars: the first says charging market rates for parking will wean people off driving cars, while the second argues that helping families own cars may boost fertility rates.
Cities should be planned for people, not cars. But transport is also an absolute necessity. How can both needs be met?"
Writer in Singapore puts the hidden truth in a nutshell. Capitalism, while claiming it wants to save the biosphere, is at the same time desperate for population growth.

Look at the curious dichotomy in the article. "Cities ... for people... but [public] transport a necessity" It seems obvious that we should get rid of cars in the city. But that is unthinkable to the author, because we might find out we don't need them except to boost the birth rate.

Public transit supports the falling birth rate. Free transit does it faster. What to you want: planet or cars? Make your choice.