Monday, September 19, 2016

Campaign for fare-free public transportation is working

The hard work of public transport advocacy is showing progress. This blog is part of  a network of 40 blogs based in the US maintained with only a handful of activists, In just a few years, what have we accomplished?
  • re-framed debate from the cost of buses to the cost of cars
  • exposed the canard about free buses being too crowded
  • exposed the canard about free buses being full of homeless
  • silenced the "nothing is free" silliness
  • encouraged people to join advocacy groups
  • reaching a 1000 readers a day on social media
  • worked with international fare-free advocates in 16 countries
What if you joined us? Become a blogger. It's easy. Write your opinion, or post links to news and opinion that helps expose the private auto for what it is... bad for climate, bad for economy, and heavily subsidized.

You can make a difference... maybe even save the biosphere.